Introducing The Fastest Way to Label Anything.

If you can name it, you can label it.

Whether you want to get organised, work on a project, add a special finishing touch to your wedding favours, create warning labels, or simply design back to school labels, Niimprinter has your back.

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.

Simply connect your smartphone to the app to create your labels, then use text, icons, and images to jazz them up!

We Make Labeling FUN!

Create Labels for Every Need.

If you can name it, you can label it. 

Niimprinter™ allows you to quickly and easily label anything, from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, at home or on the go!

Designed for commercial, office, household, school, office, IT inventory use – and more! 

Don't miss out on this amazing offer! Make Organizing Easy!

Long Lasting Labels

Choose Any Font Style, Size, Language, Or Symbol. Our labels are very durable making them water proof, and tear proof! Perfect from labeling your spices, to labeling your containers, or your notebooks! Also did we mention, there is no ink required at all!

Small & Portable

Design and create your perfect label using our app and print it instantly anywhere, anytime. Our compact size makes it easy & convenient for you to carry.

Easy To Use

Download Our App on Any Device, iPhone or Android. Simply scan the QR code in the box to download the app! Connect Your Phone And Print Anything From Text, Symbols, Numbers, And Much More!

It's all about savings

When you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for, you don’t waste money buying duplicates of items you have, but can’t find!

reduce stress and frustration

When it’s easy to find what you need, when you need it, you’re not frustrated or stressed searching for items you know you have, but can’t find. Further, when items are in their proper homes, clutter in your space is minimized, which reduces stress and frustration generally. 😊


Increase your productivity by using labels. This allows you to get more done because you can find what you need. We all love that feeling when we’ve been able to cross off everything on our to-do list for that day.


The portable label maker

Discover The portable label maker Difference

Our simple portable label maker design allows you to quickly and easily label anything at home or on the go! 

Keep everything organized!

“I’m a professional organizer/interior decorator and this is an awesome tool to bring on jobs. It helps to add that finishing organization touch! It’s super convenient and easy to use and travels well because of it’s chargeable battery.”

Julia G.


See What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

Customer happiness is our ultimate goal. Here’s what customers say about us!

"Life saver !"

This is the coolest thing I’ve bought in awhile! I have 6 kiddos and they are always getting things mixed up. Cups, toothbrushes, pencils, book bags, lunch boxes, iPad for school and much more. This little machine is not bulky or a space taker. It’s the perfect size and comes in so handy to make quick and easy labels. Love the app and the fact you can change fonts and they have ready to go labels, just change the words. Thinking about getting another one.


Ava C.

"Compact, Ease of use & Sound Durability products!"

seriously I just bought this because I was bored during this quarantine period. I have been titling everything in the house to my wife's unhappiness and anger! I don't care. This is awesome easy to use and beautifully easy to pass off for the kids to use as well. durable enough for kids but may not be durable enough for a marriage, (especially when you tag your wife's head as "Do Not Bother" while she is sleeping.


Larry K.


USB cable

1 roll for Free

User manual

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned!

Get the portable label maker delivered right to your door with FAST & FREE Shipping

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"Organizing keeps things in order."

Say NO  To disorganized life!

Order now and discover the difference

We Deliver Everywhere in The World

Expedited delivery. We always provide a tracking number.

Secure Payment and Protected Data

Order our products with confidence.

Warranty & Refund Protection

We stand by our products and services!

Customer Service at Your Request

If you have a question or if you need help, our customer support desk is there for you.


The average order takes 1-2 Business days for the order to be processed and an additional 7-10 Business days for the order to be shipped!

Absolutely! Our Printers are 100% ink free allowing you to print freely without worrying about replacing any kind of ink!

Our  Label Printer lasts up to 8 Hours of battery life when charged fully!

You can create custom labels using our app that is available on Android and IOS. Simply search for “NiiMBott” in the app store and download it for free!

There is no need for batteries, simply plug in the USB cable provided with your printer to charge your device.

Yes! You can easily pair your Label Printer through the Bluetooth connection settings in your smartphone.

 The active, non-toxic component works by eradicating the conditions that bacteria & microbe cells need to survive, divide and duplicate. Viruses use the bacteria or microbes as a host, by killing the host the antimicrobial layer also stops spread of viruses. The product becomes active as soon as it is applied and is effective for up to five years if maintained correctly.

We have been certified by the following global industry standards:
(ISO 22196)
(ISO 21702)
(ASTM G21)
This product should be used as an enhancement to existing environmental protection; it can be cleaned regularly without affecting the performance of the antimicrobial layer.


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