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    Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad

    $46.90 $26.90

    Return your skin to a more youthful and supple appearance! FEATURES REMOVES WRINKLES – Reduces and prevents chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on the side, sun damage, or natural aging INNOVATIVE anti-wrinkle remedy instead of lotions and chemicals FAST results, no negative side effects CONVENIENT application at night or during naps 30-Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you aren’t satisfied with your…

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    beauty 42-pack 7″ flexible curling rods

    $26.95 $19.23

    About the product Made from lightweight foam Easy to create curls For all hair types wet or dry 6 of each rod size 7/8″ 11/16″ 5/8″ 9/16″ 1/2″ 7/16″ 3/8″ 7″ long rods

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    Convertible Pocket Scarf

    $45.23 $29.30

    BEST TRAVEL GIFT, YOU’LL WANT THEM FOR YOURSELF! Keep your belongings safe and secure – with the Convertible Pocket Scarf. It can be worn as an scarf, head cover, or cross-body wrap and it features a hidden zippered pocket to store your phone, wallet, and keys. You’ll have all your stuff within easy reach, but you’ll be able to keep…

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    Dream Eyes™

    $27.00 $13.23

    Instant Eye Lift! Bigger Eyes! 100% Natural and Safe! No Surgery Needed! Each box contains 600 strips (300 pairs), 10 month’s supply for daily use! “The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes…” – Audrey Hepburn. Droopy and saggy eyelids are unfortunately common, but worry no more! With Dream Eyes™, take years off…

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    Finishing Stick™

    $29.95 $14.95

    Struggling to keep your hair tidy? The Finishing Stick™ is designed as a convenient solution for flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends. It holds your hair perfectly in place and helps you achieve your desired styles. Features: Strong and long-lasting hold Keeps hair dry and non-greasy Made with natural plant extracts (camellia oil, sorbitol, avocado extract) Refreshing and nurturing No…

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    FLAWLESS LEGS Hair Remover

    $119.99 $48.95

    The New Gold Standard in Instant, Painless Hair Removal From the world’s #1 facial hair remover for women, Finishing Touch Flawless, comes Flawless Legs – a remarkably painless and instant hair remover with a finish smooth as waxing. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is showerproof and can be used wet or dry, however, no creams are necessary to…

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    Flawless Women’s Hair Remover

    $44.95 $25.95

    Want an easy and painless way to get rid of unwanted facial or body hair? Who has the time or money for waxing? Now, you have an alternative to waxing that doesn’t irritate your skin. That’s right – a hypoallergenic way to remove unwanted facial and body hair. This discreet and stylish facial and body…

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    Magnetic Therapy

    $30.00 $14.23

    Feeling pain, tingles or numbness in your wrist down to your thumb? You are probably experiencing the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a medical condition due to the compression of the median nerve. If left untreated, this will lead to an array of unwanted issues such as weakness, numbness, more pain and lack of coordination in your thumb…

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    Microblading Tattoo Eyebrow Ink Pen

    $25.95 $14.95

    A highly comfortable, Long Wear Tattoo Brow Ink Pen featuring a micro-fork tip applicator that creates hair-like strokes for brows that last all day. Get the perfect eyebrow daily for just a few seconds. Get perfectly-defined, hair-like brows that last all day. The lightweight formula glides on a thin coat of color that intensifies as it sets to a…

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    one-step hair dryer & volumizer

    $73.90 $46.95

    This revolutionary styling tool is designed to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in just one step. The unique oval brush design quickly creates frizz-free volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls the ends with a single pass, so you can have salon results at home. Boosted by ionic technology, hair dries faster with…

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    Professional Ceramic Straightener

    $69.99 $29.95

    This unique, slim styling brush detangles and straightens hair simultaneously—no pro skill needed. This sleek design takes the stress-level out of busy mornings with 2X faster styling for any occasions. The distinctive triangular comb design lets users style their hair from short to long, straighten or volumize, create bangs or flip ends! The heated comb…

  • Professional Warmer Wax Heater


    Do you annoy by the expensive and time-consuming hair removal in salon? Here is a good chance for you to get rid of it. Try our professional wax heater which will bring you an incredible experience ever. How To Use:1.Clean the skin that needed hair removal2.Put an appropriate amount of wax beans into pot.3.Heat until…

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    $42.68 $21.34

    The Q-Flex (Made in USA) is your very own personal acupressure tool ergonomically designed to help relieve tension and stress in hard to reach areas. The hook shaped design ensures that users can independently access hard to reach spots. The flexibility of the Q-Flex allows users to easily apply just the right amount of pressure…

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    Secret Hair Extensions

    $45.99 $25.99

    Synthetic fiber moves and feels like real human hair. This is Most affordable price and very easy to apply. No glue, weaving, clips or tape required! The hair is attached to a barely visible wire that is easy to hide with your own hair.Wire In Hair takes less than one minute to fit and literally…

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    Stretch Combs

    $15.95 $9.95

    Buy 2 or More To claim our SPECIAL DISCOUNT!  See the table above ☝☝  83% of customers buy 2 or more! Love the look of combs, but tired of trying to keep them in place? We’ve got the solution. Beautiful and current styles, these combs give you more choices, a comfortable and secure hold with an updated look. You’ll create…

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    the amazing bloom napkin holders™


    BLOOM™ NAPKIN HOLDER: Set of 4 Green Stemmed Flower Napkin Holders. Replace those ordinary Napkin Rings with an innovative and Fresh looking set of Bloom™ Napkin Holder. CREATE COLOURFUL FLOWER PETALS WITH BLOOM™ NAPKIN HOLDER: Insert a folded paper napkin in the designated slot and twist. It’s that simple When folded, Bloom™ Napkin Holder forms a…