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    12V Electric Heated Car Ice Scraper

    $29.95 $19.95

    Fast windshield clearing in cold snowy weather is what we wanted! Now we have the solution! There is nothing worse than waking up and getting ready to start the day and then going out to your car and have to deal with scraping the ice away from the windshield. This heated ice scraper will save…

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    4pcs/set Magic Silicone Inter-Connecting Cake Mould

    $25.99 $12.95

    ****Incredibly popular – please forgive us if we run out of stock!! CREATE UNIQUE CAKE DESIGNS! How do you prefer your cakes? Oval, rectangular or maybe heart-shaped? It does not really matter because with Depot Globe’s high-quality silicone baking molds you can shape them in any way you want to! INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE! You…

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    8 Piece Nesting Mixing Bowl Set

    $45.95 $34.95

    Bring fun and modern into the kitchen with this fabulous 8-piece Mixing Bowl and Measuring Set. Each piece comes in a different vibrant color to easily differentiate from each other. The excellent space saving design allows for all the pieces to nest into one another.  Each piece has side gripping handles for ease of handling. BPA Free…

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    $39.95 $29.95

    OVER 100,000+ UNITS SOLD WORLDWIDE Cookie Star BISCUITER PRESS MACHINE is a multi-function baking tool which can not only help you to make and DIY cookie, biscuits and also icing the cake, cupcake, dessert after changing the cookie mold disc into the piping nozzle. You can easily make various shapes of cookies, baking batches of cookies…

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    Cute Lunchbox


    ****Incredibly popular – please forgive us if we run out of stock!! Our best selling lunchboxes. Leak-proof, thermal insulated. Having your favorite food with you has never been so… cute.  Keep your diet on track with these lovely Japanese-style food containers. 100% Leak-proof, each layer is water-tight sealed Stainless steel inner material – healthy & easy to…

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    Drain Blaster

    $39.95 $29.95

    A very useful hygiene item! This easy-to-use Air Bluster Gun Toilet Cleaner will clean and clear out the sink, toilet, bathtubs – basically any clogged up pipes and drains! It’s reusable and quick to clean!  SAVE MONEY WITH DRAIN BLASTER! Drain Blaster saves you a lot of money from calling a plumber or buying a…

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    Finishing Stick™

    $29.95 $14.95

    Struggling to keep your hair tidy? The Finishing Stick™ is designed as a convenient solution for flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends. It holds your hair perfectly in place and helps you achieve your desired styles. Features: Strong and long-lasting hold Keeps hair dry and non-greasy Made with natural plant extracts (camellia oil, sorbitol, avocado extract) Refreshing and nurturing No…

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    High Strength Double Sided Adhesive Tape


    This High Strength Double Sided Adhesive Tape has adhesive both sides to promote excellent adhesion to a broad range of surfaces.  Strong stick, great humidity performance, waterproof, heavy duty, for digital repair, it has high peel strength, high initial adhesion, and adhesive strength FEATURES: Strong ViscosityOur indoor mounting tape is double-coated tape adheres and conforms to a variety…

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    Led Light Up Chopsticks 1 Pair

    $21.98 $16.98

    FUN AND ATRRACTIVE FOR ANY MEAL: It will light up your hanging out with loved ones and makes your date memorable. Pull the attention at any local or international restaurant. It makes friends jealous when you pull out your chopsticks at the restaurants BRIGHT ILLUMINATING LEDs: With a simple push of a button on the…

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    Magic Sushi Making Tool

    $29.95 $22.04

    Are you a sushi lover? Get this magic tool and enjoy sushi whenever you want! Take a look – it’s more than easy to prepare it. Type: Sushi ToolsCertification: CIQPlastic Type: PPFeature: Stocked, Eco-FriendlySushi Tools Type: Sushi MoldsMaterial: Plastic Shipping info: -Product will ship in 1-3 days after Order-For US Please Allow 10-15 days for…

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    manual antique-inspired coffee grinder

    $89.00 $49.95

     Do you love great coffee and want to grind your specially selected beans to perfection with a grinder that will do an even, consistent grind?  This manual coffee grinder is ready whether your preferred brewing method is pour over, French press, espresso or Turkish.  You can even use this grinder to grind some types of…

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    Pineapple Trim Tool Quilting Ruler


    THIS IS AMAZING RULER!!! Creating the perfect 4″/5″/6″ Or  6″/8″/10″ finished Pineapple blocks are now made possible and easier with this Pineapple Trim Tool. Designed and made with durable and quality materials to make sure you’ll be able to use it for a long time.  The center square’s cutting requirements are printed and located on…

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    Portable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

    $35.00 $24.95

    Hate when your favorite clothes or household furniture and linens look old and worn due to excessive lint and bobbles? Keep all your clothes and fabrics looking like new with this Portable Fabric Shaver.  Our mission is to find home and beauty products that are both modern and high quality. Come join our family of…

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    Premium Rotating Burr Grinding Head 2 one free


    Get The Most Essential Tool In Carpentry! Want a tool that can burr on woods?  Premium Rotating Burr Grinding Head are essential tools in any carpentry, DIY, and home repair work. They are usedfor cutting, shaping, grinding and removal of sharp edges, and excess material (deburring) on wood surfaces. Owning a Premium Rotating Burr will make your job much easier and…

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    remote control aromatheraphy humidifier

    $78.95 $39.99

    ****Incredibly popular – please forgive us if we run out of stock!! Creating a fragrant, pleasant, and healthy atmosphere in your home was never easier. All you have to do is pour 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil in the diffuser, fill it with water and turn it on. You can set all the…

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    Self Adhesive Caulk Strip Tape-(40% OFF ONLY TODAY)

    $19.88 $12.88

    88% OF CUSTOMERS BUY 2 OR MORE!! We all want a “tight” house with no drafts or leaks so we save money on energy bills and keep out moisture to avoid water damage and mold. The Self-Adhesive PVC Caulk Strip comes to the rescue in myriad projects around the house, from outdoor maintenance to indoor decorating. It can bond easily, making it wonderfully flexible…