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    Magic Pet Twists


    To claim our special discount for all 6, chose SET OF ALL 6 (Pay for only 3!) above, then click Add To Cart! 75% of customers buy all 6 or more! Wear on your wrist, transform with a twist! it’s dazzling bracelets that turn into adorable pets!  there are 6 different bejeweled friends to collect! to create bracelets and sparkling necklaces! To turn into a pet,…

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    Magical Pet Twists


    To claim our special discount for all 8, chose SET OF ALL 8 (Pay for only 4!) above, then click Add To Cart! 75% of customers buy all 8 or more! Animal Twists are the bejeweled animals that transform into sparkly bracelets! You can even create necklaces, backpack accessories and take them with you on the go! Connect two Animal Twists together and create…

  • Marble Tracks™


    Does your child get BORED easily? Want to keep them Entertained for HOURS?   Well, these Marble Tracks™ are just what they need! Why? Let them unleash their inner CREATIVE side which is IMPORTANT for child development. Watch them ENTERTAIN themselves for HOURS This toy helps children DEVELOP their curiosity, shape recognition, creative and imagination senses! They ALSO work with Lego too. You may find yourself joining in WITH THEM they are that AMAZING! Made…

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    Peek A Boo Teddy Bear

    $59.95 $29.95

    Enjoy hearing your kid’s giggles as he/she plays peek-a-boo with this awesome toy! Peek-a-boo and teddy bears are two of the best things that make our babies giggly. Now imagine a teddy bear with a soft satin blanket doing a peek-a-boo game. Moms and dads, meet your kiddo’s new cuddly playmate! Smart Teddy Bear is a loveable…

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    T-Rex Skeleton Model

    $99.65 $49.65

    Imagine bringing a dinosaur back to life! Now you can; with the T-Rex Skeleton Model. Unravel the mysteries of this majestic creature as you assemble the bones of this massive creature that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. With the T-Rex Skeleton Model you create your own scale replica of this eight-ton tyrannosaurus. You can begin to…

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    Talking Hamster™


    Think of your family and friends, Christmas is coming! 🎄😉 85% of customers buy 2 or more! The Talking Hamster™ is toy that brings endless joy! It is a must-have for any fun loving home, great fuel for pranksters, parties, classic dad jokes and more! for adults and kids! This Talking Hamster is the Christmas gift…