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Cozy Jons are sweatpants for adults of all ages with built-in foot pockets that you can roll down whenever you want to cover up your feet. They’ll come in handy when you have to walk across a cold floor at night and don’t have a pair of slippers nearby, or when the blanket on your couch doesn’t completely cover your feet. These sweatpants come in three different sizes and are suitable for adults and teens if they’re big enough to wear them.

For Indoor and Outdoor Use
If you just want to go outside in your yard for a few minutes, it can be a pain to change out of your pajama pants and into another pair of pants. Fortunately, if you’re hanging out around your home in your Cozy Jons, you’ll be able to step outside in them, too, so you won’t have to change. Just remember to roll the foot pockets of the sweatpants up enough that they won’t drag on the ground and get dirty.

Double As Pajama Pants
Cozy Jons are actually so comfortable that you’ll be able to sleep the whole night through in them. If you’re going on a trip and don’t want to bring a lot of clothing along, you may be able to bring just one pair of these to wear for all non-formal activities and sleeping. Plus, if you have to sleep with someone else at home or while you’re away, your feet won’t immediately get cold if they start to hog the blankets.

Reduce Need For Blankets, Heat
Throw blankets that individuals and families use on the couch tend to be too small to reach all the way to a user’s toes. This becomes even more of a problem if a couple or a group of people are sharing one blanket. Even with socks on, you may be tempted to turn up your heat to warm your feet, but that won’t be the case once you’re able to wear Cozy Jons. The foot pockets of these pants will provide more warmth than socks and you won’t run the risk of increasing your heating bill.

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