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Sweat free Makeup

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Stay cool during the often-heated process of getting ready for the day or a special occasion.

Sweat free Makeup is a large yet portable cosmetic mirror equipped with a triple-blade fan that will keep your face cool and dry as you’re applying your makeup. This mirror is battery-operated, so you’ll never have to search for an available electrical outlet to plug it into when you want to use it. Due to its built-in fan, which will blow a soft and gentle 360-degree breeze on your face, you’ll be able to apply makeup when you’re sweaty or have just gotten out of the shower.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place And Adjust
    To get started with this cosmetic mirror, place it on any flat surface. You’ll notice that there’s a tray beneath the mirror that you can use to store makeup and beauty tools or accessories on, in order to keep them within arm’s reach. Once your mirror is sitting flat, tilt it to adjust its angle so you can see the parts of your face that you need to work on as clearly as possible. This angle can be quickly adjusted again later, if necessary.

  2. Select Light, Fan or Both
    After you’ve adjusted your mirror, use the two round buttons on the front to turn on either the fan or the LED light. You’ll also have the option of pressing both buttons to turn on both or leaving both off if you don’t feel that you need them at the time.

  3. Proceed With Beauty Routine
    Next, proceed with applying makeup or completing other facial grooming tasks like tweezing stray hairs. If you’ve turned on your mirror’s built-in light, it’ll give you enough illumination to see clearly at night or in a dim room or area. Meanwhile, if it’s on, the mirror’s fan will keep your skin from getting too damp and clammy to hold onto makeup.
  4. Turn Off Fan or Light
    If you’ve turned either the fan or light within your mirror on, you’ll need to turn those off when you’re done using the mirror. Leaving them on could drain the mirror’s battery or cause the LED light within it to burn out more quickly than it would otherwise.



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