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The Adjustable Container

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World’s first adjustable container perfect for a wide variety of food and other objects.


It takes the airtight, air-removing pantry container to the next level by shrinking the whole container as you remove the air, preserving your food and saving space in your cupboards at the same time.

You can adjust the height by pulling up or pushing down the container to get different storage volumes. For instance, if you want to store 24 oz. of cereal, just extend the container to the fullest, pour the cereal inside, then close the lid, and press down the container. Excess air is forced out and the lid will stop at the top surface of the content. The space inside the container is better utilized. 



The Adjustable Container has a patented one-way check-valve to release the excess air from the inside. When you compress the container, air goes out from the valve. No air can sneak in from there. Much less air is left in the container and it helps keep the food stay fresh longer. Good for storing a wide variety of perishable foods including cereal, coffee beans, sugar, salt, snacks, pasta, grains, and even pet food!


Makes all your space come alive again. Changeable heights let you fill up the space that was not being wisely used before. Pull up or push down the body to get the height that fits the empty space. Storage capacity is maximized significantly. The Adjustable Container does a beautiful job of keeping things contained and organized!


The main body of the container is made of crystal clear transparent plastic. 360-degree clarity helps you get the right one instantly. You can also stack the Adjustable Container vertically and make the most out of your precious space. Our modular design makes sure the containers won’t slide off even you pile them up as long as they are placed on a flat and steady surface. It is so much easier to keep your countertop, pantry, bathroom, garage and office organized.


 The Adjustable Container is constructed of US FDA-grade, food-safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free and toxic-free materials. The lid is made of polypropylene provided by Sumitomo, one of the largest worldwide conglomerates from Japan. Polypropylene has good chemical resistance over stains and odors. The gaskets are made of silicone that forms tight seals. The body is Styrene-Acrylonitrile Resin which provides the rigidity and transparency. The Adjustable Container is produced by the same manufacturer who makes environmentally-friendly reusable drinkware for Starbucks Corporation.


We are very serious about the quality of our products. We inspect our products according to the ANSI/ASQ Quality Control Standards: Z1.4, the same system employed by the U.S. Department of Defense. Every single piece of The Adjustable Container is made to last. We offer limited lifetime warranty on wearable and replaceable parts.


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