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Warm it up!

We use warm water to wet shave or wash our faces without even thinking about it. Yes, warm water feels better than cold, but it also allows a closer shave and removes more of the makeup and dirt from the day. Why go cold on a baby’s bottom? It just doesn’t make sense. When a diaper is dirty, it is a warm environment and the pores are open. When you wipe with a cold wipe, the pores close, trapping the bacteria inside and often resulting in diaper rash. When you wipe with a warm wipe, the pores remain open allowing a more effective clean. We want the cleanest clean for baby’s bottom, and want it to feel good, especially during the 3am changes. Everybody loves a warm wipe!

One Of The Best Selling Wipes Warmer Worldwide!

Mostgoodies invented the first appliance style baby wipes warmer and remains the industry leader. We use superior components that allow our warmers to warm warmer than the competition.

Safe & Smart Design:

No lead, PVC, phthalates, Triclosan or Triclocarban. Designed for safer, one-handed changing – everything is accessible with one hand so you can safely keep one hand on your baby.

Large Capacity:

Holds approximately 80-100 disposable wipes. Remove wipes from plastic packaging before loading into wipes warmer. Accommodates cloth wipes too (approximately 16), Warmies Wipes Warmer specially designed for use with cloth wipes.

The Ever-Fresh System:

1) Moisture Retention:

The Ever-Fresh System keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process. Micro pores in the pillow trap and release water as needed to maintain moisture content.

2) Non-browning:

Keeping the Ever-Fresh Pillow moist prevents most discoloration from occurring when wipes are warmed. Over time, additives typically found in baby wipes cause discoloration as they warm. The Ever-Fresh System effectively insulates wipes from the warming surface, preventing browning, so that you can use every last wipe. Remember to rinse/resaturate the pillow every week or each time you refill the wipes, and we recommend you replace the pillow every 3 months. 

3) Anti-microbial:

The wipe warmer’s tub is treated with an additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors, and mildew.


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