Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner And Water Pump

Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner And Water Pump



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Taking care of your Aquarium tank is no longer difficult!

Remove fish excreta, cleanse gravel or replace fresh water for your tank simply with this one multipurpose tool. 


SPIRAL POWER SUCTION HEAD No other tools needed. Easily pick up fish excreta or dirt in the tank with the specially designed spiral suction head. Safe, efficient and precise. 

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - Simply adjust the cleaner rod length to suit your cleaning needs. The cleaner is compatible from 56 to 82cm. 

DURABLE FILTER BAG - This fish tank cleaner for aquarium comes with a filter bag that can be used to suck up any debris in your aquarium tanks like fish feed, fish poops, or dead water plant leaves. The filter bag with furry lining is extremely durable that specially designed for soft rotten debris underwater, no debris comes back to your fish tank.

3-IN-1 - With soft water hose, pump aquarium cleaner can be used as a water changer. Turn on the power, water will start flowing, no more use siphon for water changer, no more time-consuming water replacing progress needed.

Attach the suction cup to make it a gravel cleaner. Dip the cup into gravels, lift up, let gravels fall, any other debris hiding among gravels will be sucked up to the filter bag without getting back to your tank. 

EASY POWER SUPPLY - Forget about using hand to pump water up or having troublesome cables attached while cleaning your tank. Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner And Water Pump supports battery power supply which is just super easy. 


  • Auto Suction
  • Multiple Function
  • Simple & Easy
  • Electric Design
  • *Please pay attention to max and minimum water level on the rod

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