Foldable Sunshade for car Windshield

Foldable Sunshade for car Windshield



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This Foldable Sunshade is your best choice, your search for the best sunshade has ended!

- You will increase your comfort while traveling in the hot sun, it will reduce some of the heat, this is what the majority of our customers say!
- UV rays damage your interior, our sun shades stop this, no more fading, cracking, just all around solid protection!
- Our sun shades are more convenient than the bulky accordion style ones, it folds up small and is lightweight!

Our shades are silver coated that act like a radiant barrier system which protects your vehicle from 99% of UV damage and reflects sun 95%, this will help with reducing some of the heat in your vehicle, huge plus!

When you receive your sun shade from Mostgoodies you can expect it to:

  • It is made of 210T high-quality silver-coated Polyester.
  • It is made with the highest quality connector/clip which is longer and more durable.
  • Offers over 99% UV protection and 99% Sun reflection.
  • Installs & folds in seconds.
  • It has the perfect fit
  • It keeps your car interior cooler when it sits in the sun for hours.
  • Shortens the time needed to cool down your vehicle
  • Protects LCD screens, DVD players, GPS devices, and other electronics
  • Prevents dashboard fade and cracks
  • Compact design allows easy storage
  • Lightweight but strong and durable
  • Protects you and your loved ones from the dangerous heat build-up

Material: Silver Coated Nylon
Size: 59*27 inches
Front: Silver
Back: Black

What's in the package?
1 X Foldable Sunshade for car Windshield

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