the amazing bloom napkin holders™

the amazing bloom napkin holders™



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  • BLOOM™ NAPKIN HOLDER: Set of 4 Green Stemmed Flower Napkin Holders. Replace those ordinary Napkin Rings with an innovative and Fresh looking set of Bloom™ Napkin Holder.
  • CREATE COLOURFUL FLOWER PETALS WITH BLOOM™ NAPKIN HOLDER: Insert a folded paper napkin in the designated slot and twist. It’s that simple When folded, Bloom™ Napkin Holder forms a beautiful and elegant flower bud that can be showcased on a table, platter, vase, or plate.
  • WANT TO SURPRISE YOUR GUESTS with Rose fold? Maybe a Tulip, Calla Lily or Amaryllis fold? Follow the illustrations inside the package and create flower folding that will amaze your guests..
  • PERFECT FOR ANYTIME you host family and friends, Parties and dinners.
  • Registered Design.  
    There are 4 napkin holders and 4 napkins in a package.

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