Professional Warmer Wax Heater

Professional Warmer Wax Heater


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Do you annoy by the expensive and time-consuming hair removal in salon? Here is a good chance for you to get rid of it. Try our professional wax heater which will bring you an incredible experience ever.

How To Use:
1.Clean the skin that needed hair removal
2.Put an appropriate amount of wax beans into pot.
3.Heat until wax beans are completely melted and make sure it is not too hot. 
4.Spread a layer of wax following the hair growth direction with stick.
5.Wait for a few seconds until wax has got hard then peel it off rapidly.

How to clean your pot?
1.Put a few drops of olive/color free oil onto pot
2.Reheat the remaining wax until completely dissolved
3.Pour it out and wipe off the wax with tissue or paper towels when it is still warm.

Capacity: 500 cc
Voltage: AC 110-240V,
Power: 100W 
Adjustable Temperature: Maximum 80°C 
Aluminum container: D10.5cm * 6.5cm
Frequency: 60Hz

Package Including:
1 x Wax Heating Machine
1 x Removable Wax Pot Liner
1 x See-through Vented Cover
1 x Operation Instructions
1 x 300g wax beans 

1. Make sure the wax is not so hot before applying to the skin.
2. Don’t use it on broken or irritated skin.
3. Apply wax following the direction of hair growth and remove against.
4.The thickness of spreading wax should be among 0.2cm to 0.5cm to ensure its using result.
5.Don’t take a shower immediately after hair removal.
Professional wax heater, you deserve one.

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