Vintage Leather Bag

Vintage Leather Bag



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These special, limited edition, custom handmade bags won't last long. We are selling out fast. Get yours today before we run out of inventory. 

  • Multi-function shoulder strap:3 totally different looks depending on how you need to present yourself. Really Cool for you.
  • Large Capacity Space:2 zipper pockets and one flap pocket, get you goggles on, scarf around your neck, strap your bag on and get ready to blast.
  • Victorian Style: The steampunk bag was constructed out of antique PU leather with lots of straps and clips for safety.It re-interpretation of the meaning of classical
  • Durable: Durable material and workmanship to withstand daily wear & tear.


We are an Eco-Friendly company; no animals were harmed in the making of this bag. Our bags are made out of high-quality PU Leather. 

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Click here to see how to dress the bag with the 3 different ways 

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